2021 API Programmer's Guide

Remove Access to HyperMesh Standalone

Access to HyperMesh standalone as been discontinued. Scripts that launch an interactive HyperMesh standalone session are now automatically redirected to HyperWorks. Scripts that launch a batch session are not affected.

New Commands

Modified Commands

The following commands have modified behavior that potentially require script updates:

  • Data Names
    • subsystems - Removed private data names connector_filter, connectors_attachment, connectors_general, connectors_subsystem, granular_filter, granular_filter_beamsections, granular_filter_elements, granular_filter_loads, granular_filter_nodes, granular_filter_systems, granular_filter_vectors, granular_mode, granular_mode_beamsections, granular_mode_elements, granular_mode_loads, granular_mode_nodes, granular_mode_systems, and granular_mode_vectors.
  • General/Core
    • *absorbloads - Replaced argument load_collector_id with arguments entity_type and mark_id.
The following commands have new options or enhanced capabilities. Existing scripts are not affected and only need to be updated if usage of the new functionality is desired:
  • Data Names
    • bodies - Added new data name morphhandle.
    • crosssections - Added new data names cutplaneactivestatus, cutplaneclipelement, cutplanedisplaymode, cutplanegeometrytype, cutplanemanipoptions and cutplanesectioncutonly.
    • designpointsets - Added new data names adultzone_triplelist, childzone_triplelist and system.
    • encryptions - Added new data names apa_license, date, day, feature_name, hours, interface_id, keyid, license_feature, minutes, module_time, month, seconds, time, time_out_Option, unit_costs, updateflag and year.
    • explorations - Added new data names desyncflag, explorationlabel, parentid and studyid.
    • frictions - Added new data names cid, icnep, psid, scalei and scaleo.
    • loads
      • constraints - Added new data names load_step_id and prev_bc. New ADVC support.
      • fluxes - Added new data names coefficient_by_filmid, filmid, heat_coefficient, heat_coefficient_time_table, load_step_id and prev_bc. New ADVC support.
      • forces - Added new data names keyword_name, load_step_id and prev_bc. New ADVC support.
      • moments - Added new data names keyword_name, load_step_id and prev_bc. New ADVC support.
      • pressures - Added new data names keyword_name, load_step_id, prev_bc and reference_position. New ADVC support.
      • temperatures - Added new data names constraint_type, load_step_flag, load_step_id and prev_bc. New ADVC support.
    • loadsteps - Added new data names curve_ids and curve_idsmax.
    • opticonstraints - Added new data name locbucktoggle.
    • opticontrols - Added new data names optimomp and optimomptoggle.
    • parameters - Added new data names caddimension, cadfullname, cadsystem and cadunits. Added new config 2.
    • responses - Added new data name referenceresultpath.
    • seatbelts - Added new data names belt_nbcomp, check_belt_nbcomp, check_edgetoedge, check_struct_nbcomp, check_surftosurf, check_wrap_nbcomp, contact_edgetoedge, contact_surftosurf, existing_nbcomp, extra_struc_comps, extra_struc_comps, struct_nbcomp and wrap_nbcomp.
    • shape3ds - Added new data name primaryrepresentation.
    • studies - Added new data names location and version.
  • General/Core
  • Meshing
    • *adaptive_triangle_mesh - Added new options optional values break_connectivity, inside and outside.
    • *copy_feature - Added new string_array options MappingMethod, StitchBoundary and ToOriginalComponent. Deprecated string_array option MorphFeatureToBase.
    • *move_feature - Added new string_array options MappingMethod and StitchBoundary. Deprecated string_array option MorphFeatureToBase.

Deprecated Commands

The following commands are deprecated in HyperWorks but continue to be supported in HyperWorks Desktop: