Run the AMF Builder in Batch Mode

The following syntax is used to run the AMF Builder in batch mode:
amfbuilder [input file] [output file] [encoder type] <options>
The following mandatory parameters must appear in this order:
input file
The path to the timing file or the source AMF file
output file
The path to and the name of the output file
encoder type
The encoder type, which can be JPEG, LZ, or LZ8
The following optional parameters may appear in any order. Not all of these are applicable to every encoder type. The AMF builder may not properly process the options if invalid combinations are specified.
The path to the timing file or the source AMF file
output file
Use subsampling. "x" can be 2, 4, or 8.
Encode the output as greyscale.
Use edge enhancement (applies only if /G is also specified).
JPEG quality setting. Valid range for "xx" is 1 to 99 (applies only if encoder type is JPEG).
Dither 8-bit output. This operation is very slow, but produces excellent 256 color images (applies only if the encoder type is LZ8).

When you run the AMF builder in batch mode using these arguments, you will only see the progress bar window that disappears when file write is done and the program self-terminates. You cannot specify titles, but if the source file is an AMF file with titles already in it, the AMF builder will use those.


To read the timing file d:\test\test.tim, write the output file output.amf, use JPEG encoding (quality setting 99), and produce ½ resolution images that are greyscale with edge enhancement:
amfbuilder d:\test\test.tim d:\test\output.amf JPEG /G /E /S2 /Q99
Note: The AMF Builder is only available for Windows PC.