Math Reference

Mathematical functions and operators, including syntax, operators and specific information about each function.

The math functions and operators can be used to perform curve math and signal processing in HyperMesh, MotionView, HyperGraph 2D, HyperGraph 3D and HyperStudy.

In HyperMesh and HyperGraph notes, curves are referenced using the following notation:

c1.x references the x vector of curve 1.

c1.y references the y vector of curve 1.

Curves can be accessed in the Define Curves panel in MotionView and HyperGraph 2D and HyperGraph 3D, and in the Edit Curves panel in HyperMesh. In MotionView, curves can be referenced from any page. Curves cannot be referenced directly in Templex. In curve editing panels, curves are referenced using the following notation:

p1w1c1.x references page 1, window 1, and curve 1.

In HyperStudy, curves can be accessed through the Response Expression Builder. Curves are stored as vectors v_1 for vector 1.