TextView provides powerful math script processing in addition to a text editor.

TextView is an integrated application in HyperWorks Desktop Desktop. TextView math scripts can reference vector data from HyperGraph windows for automating data processing and data summary.

You can use TextView to view and edit text files. Use the File menu to open any ASCII text file or HTML file.

From the TextView panels, you can edit files, search text, and change text attributes.

Templex is a general purpose text and numeric processor which generates output text based on guidelines defined in a template.

You can use Templex to create templates for mathematical programming; data extraction, analysis, and formatting for reports; and creating re-usable input templates.

Templex is run in batch mode from the command line and is also built into HyperMesh, MotionView, and HyperGraph. Templex is used in MotionView and HyperGraph to create fully annotated notes and labels capable of performing data analysis and curve statistics within a plot window, making TextView a powerful numeric scratch pad. See the Templex and Math Reference Guide for more information.