OS-V: 0500 Laminated Strip

Test No. R0031/1 OptiStruct examines the bending stress at E, Interlaminar shear stress at D and the z-deflection at E for linear static analysis.

Figure 1. FE Model with Boundary Conditions and Loadcases

Benchmark Model

Quad4 and Hexa8 elements are used to create one quarter model of the laminated strip simply supported at A. For Quad4 elements Ply laminates are created and for Hexa8 elements PSOLID property is used. A line load of 10N/mm is applied at C.

The material properties for the laminated strip are:
1.0 × 105 MPa
υ 12
υ 23
5.0 × 103 MPa
3.0 × 103 MPa
G13 = G23
2.0 × 103 MPa
υ 12/E1
υ 21/E2

Linear Static Analysis Results

  Target OptiStruct Results Normalized with the Target Value
Laminated Plate (Quad4):
Bending Stress at E (MPa) 683.9 570.196 1.19941213
Interlaminar Shear Stress at D (MPa) -4.1 -4.103 0.99926883
Z deflection at E (mm) -1.06 -1.045 1.01435407
Stacked Brick (Hex8):
Bending Stress at E (MPa) 683.9 572.81 1.19393865
Interlaminar Shear Stress at D (MPa) -4.1 -3.229 1.26974295
Z deflection at E (mm) -1.06 -1.028 1.0311284

Model Files

Refer to Access the Model Files to download the required model file(s).

The model files used in this problem include:
  • complsq4.fem
  • complsh8.fem


NAFEMS R0031 - Composite Benchmarks, Hardy 2001