ASCII Output File (STY-File)

ASCII Output files are formatted output files from Radioss Starter and Radioss Engine.

The purpose of these files is:
  • Provide users with an ASCII output format displaying information similar to that displayed by animation files.
  • Input format for initial stress or strain files.

By default these files are written under the name Runname_run#.sty (Irootyy ≠ 2), or RunnameYnnn (if Irootyy = 2) according to /IOFLAG (Irootyy flag) in Radioss Starter.

With, nnn being the output file number and run# is the Radioss run number (four digits) from 0000 to 9999.

This provides a description of the output files and initial conditions in case of OutyyFMT ≠ 2 (/IOFLAG), which is the default, writing 10 digits integer and 20 digits real.

Previous format can be retrieved by using OutyyFMT = 2, writing the same information with 8 digits integer and 16 digits real.