Optimization Keyword Defines parts in the model which will be included in ESLM optimization.


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grpart_ID grnod_ID              


Field Contents SI Unit Example
title Title.

(Character, maximum 100 characters)

grpart_ID Part group identifier which defines the parts to be included in ESLM optimization.
The whole model will be included in ESLM optimization.

(Integer > 0 or blank)

grnod_ID Node group identifier which defines nodes to be included in ESLM optimization in addition to nodes in PARTs defined by grpart_ID.

(Integer > 0 or blank) 2



  1. If all the design variables and responses are defined on a part of the entire model, use /ESLPART to specify this part to be optimized with ESLM optimization in OptiStruct. Therefore, computation time can be saved. Under certain circumstances, excluding connected parts from the ESL model can lead to different loading conditions (as compared to when the parts are included). This may lead to different optimization results; therefore, care should be taken to avoid such occurrences if this option is used.
  2. It is possible that some nodes do not belong to any PART defined by grpart_ID, but you may want to include such nodes (and definitions referencing them) in ESLM optimization. The program already implements some intelligence to include necessary nodes 3. However, use grnod_ID to enforce some nodes to be included in ESLM optimization.
  3. /SKEW entries are always included. Main nodes of /RBODY and /RBE2 are included, if all secondary nodes are in /ESLPART.
  4. If /ESLPART is not used to specify individual parts for optimization, the ESL model contains the entire Radioss model.