User Subroutines

How to check MinGW version you used?

It is recommend to use MinGW 4.9.2. After installing MinGW 4.9.2 successfully, open the Run terminal.

Figure 1.
Enter gcc –v or gfortran –v to check the MinGW version. Message indicates a successful installation of the freeware win64 Fortran compiler.

Figure 2.

How to compile Starter and Engine file with MinGW?

Copy the Starter file lecm29.f and the Engine file sigeps29c.f to your working directory, Example: D:\99_temp\User_Subroutine_example.

Figure 3.
You can also use a script to compile. For example, create the script script.bat. Inside this file define the environment first and then define the compile command.
Note: Here win64_gfortran is used, but you also need to use build_userlib_win64_gfortran.bat.

Figure 4.
In your working direction, launch your script script.bat.

Figure 5.
After successfully compiling the Starter and Engine (Figure 6), the libraduser_win64.dll file will display in your working direction.

Figure 6.

Figure 7.

Import your user material law in HyperCrash.

In order to import your user material (example: /MAT/USER2) to HyperCrash, follow this installation procedure:
  1. Copy the MF_GenYld_29.cfg file to your HyperWorks installation directory: ~\hw\hc\config\CFG\Version\MAT
  2. Edit the file data_hierarchy.cfg in the directory ~\hw\hc\config\CFG\Version.
  3. Add the following lines:
          TITLE = "Mat User2 (30)";
          FILE = "MAT/Mat_User2.cfg";
          SUBTYPE = USER;
          USER_ID = 30;
          USER_NAMES = (LAW30,USER2);

KEYWORD = MAT_ELASTO_PLASTIC_LAW30; determines where the configured law will be organized in the menu when creating a new material law in the Materials panel.

TITLE = "Mat User2 (30)"; determines what the configured law will be named in the menu when creating a new material law in the Materials panel.

Figure 8.

Launch Radioss model with your user subroutine.

Just copy your libraduser_win64.dll file in the same directory where you put your Radioss model.

For example, we put Radioss model in D:\99_temp\User_Subroutine_example\RADIOSS_RUN. Then copy libraduser_win64.dll file in this directory.

And lunch the Starter and Engine like usual. For example here we run the Radioss model with V14.0 SPM, like below:
./ s_14.0_win64.exe -i main_TEST4_0000.rad
./ e_14.0_win64.exe -i main_TEST4_0001.rad

Figure 9.

Figure 10.