Multi-Domain Multi Input File Format

Radioss Starter

/EXTERN/LINK in the Starter input file defines the interfaces between the current model and other domains. It is specific to Multi-Domain Multiple Input (available as of version 9.0).

The number of external links in Radioss model is not limited. The only restriction is that different links should not contain common nodes. Each link defines a distinct interface between current model and external world.

The links do not specify the corresponding domains. Each model is independent and may be replaced by another one having the same frontier nodes. This approach allows a modular approach to modeling, for example testing runs with equivalent domains with different mesh size (multigrid approach).

The Main program is launched at the following command prompt:

> rad2rad "input_file"

The Main Input file is a text file defining all Radioss domains and cross-connections (interfaces links) between them. The syntax is similar to Radioss. Comments are admitted - comment lines must begin with # character.

Radioss Engine

To activate multi-domain coupling, the Radioss Engine input file must contain /RAD2RAD/ON.