User Property Elements

Up to 3 spring user properties (property number 29, 30, and 31) can be defined for spring and solid elements.

Property type 29 may be referenced as USER1 in Block Format input.

Property type 30 may be referenced as USER2 in Block Format input.

Property type 31 may be referenced as USER3 in Block Format input.

To define a user property, three subroutines for each property must be defined. Two must be linked with Radioss Starter and the other with Radioss Engine.
  • The Starter subroutine that reads the property data are called LECG29, LECG30, and LECG31. That which initializes spring parameters is called RINI29, RINI30, and RINI31.
  • The Engine subroutine is called RUSER29, RUSER30, and RUSER31 and computes the spring element forces and moments.
Note: All communication between Radioss and the subroutines takes placed within the argument list.