Opens an Excel compatible file, file, and stores the information in R using functions defined in omlxlstoolbox. xlsopen is available only on Windows systems where Microsoft Excel is installed.


R = xlsopen(file)

R = xlsopen(file, mode)


Name of the file to open. The file extension must be Excel-compatible.
Type: string
mode (optional)
Determines if the file is opened in read-only mode.
The file is opened in read-only mode.
The file is opened for writing. A new file is created if file does not exist.
By default, file is opened in read-only mode.
Type: integer


Output structure which contains information about the opened Excel file, file. Any file opened with xlsopen needs to call xlsclose with R so that all Excel processes are shut down and memory is released. R can be used with the commands xlsread and xlswrite.
Type: struct


Open an Excel file in write mode:
R = xlsopen('c:\test1.xlsx', 1)
R = struct [
app: xlsx
applicationid: 17363
changed: 1
filename: C:\test1.xlsx
sheetcount: 6
sheets: struct [
rid: [Matrix] 1 x 6
1  2  3  4  5  6
  [1,1] Properties
  [1,2] Evaluation Data
  [1,3] Statistics
  [1,4] Trade-Off
  [1,5] Trade-Off Settings
  [1,6] Sheet1
sheetid: [Matrix] 1 x 6
17369  17372  17376  17379  17382  17385
workbookid: 17366
xtype: OML