Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) is an important vehicle attribute that directly affects the customer experience.

Modern vehicle development requires noise and vibration refinement to deliver high levels of customer acceptance and satisfaction. This relates not only to perception of vehicle quality but also to driving experience and feedback (sound quality). In practice, NVH is physics (or mechanics) applied to the control of the noise and vibration behavior of vehicle systems.

Altair's NVH vision includes a comprehensive set of NVH solutions for upfront problem solving:
  • Full frequency, multi-physics NVH simulation capabilities
  • Modern user experience in a highly integrated, automated framework
  • Population performance based on assessment, instead of a single sample
  • Optimization based on design, instead of experience based on design

    Figure 1.

NVH Director

NVH Director is a HyperWorks environment customized for automotive true full vehicle NVH modeling and analysis needs. It includes a number of integrated components to help NVH users execute a typical full vehicle analysis process efficiently and enhance their ability to drive product design and performance.

Modularized subsystem handling enabled by an object-oriented environment:
  • Switch between detailed and reduced representations and setup runs with mixed representations
  • Manipulate visual display in 3D graphics window
  • Manage ID conflicts within the assembly
  • Ability to store subsystem assembly data in nested .xml files
  • Enable a multiple discipline modeling and optimization framework
Integrated process to efficiently execute all aspects of the full vehicle process:
  • Interface with PLM system for data exchange
  • Facilitate subsystem meshing and assembly related operations
  • Manage NVH event simulation loadcases, solution and job history
  • Integrate NVH problem diagnostics and optimization
Specialized model creation and solution functionalities designed to simplify complexities in full vehicle NVH simulation:
  • Lumped parameter model and complex mounts and joints needed for simulating suspension and driveline
  • Acoustic cavity mesh for fluid structure interaction analysis and coarse display mesh for simplified 3D display
  • AMSES eigen solver, PEAKOUT peak filtering, CMS and CDS SE dynamic reduction and enhanced bushing element
Innovative NVH problem diagnostic and study capabilities:
  • Modal animation and operating response shape (ODS) and energy distribution
  • Modal/panel/grid participation from both system and CMS SE component modes
  • Transfer path analysis and power flow
Enhanced user experience by leveraging latest technologies
  • Browser, connector, data manager, process manager, and so on.
Note: Click on the following link for information on NVH applications and techniques: NVH Applications and Techniques.