Export Contents

You can export and create a new library with selected contents from your active library.

The library containing the exported contents is a fully functional portable library, which contains only the exported contents. The library can be added or imported by other users and modified as needed. You cannot export two versions of any content.

You can import one library into another, updating the active library with contents contained in the library being imported. When importing, you will see the Import Library dialog, which provides important information about the contents that will be imported.

  1. To export contents, either select contents or select anywhere in the Object Browser and then select Export from the Object Browser context menu or click the Export icon.
    If contents have already been selected, they will appear in both the left hand and right hand panels of the dialog.
  2. Use the Query, Find or Filter tools to choose additional contents to be exported.
  3. Check contents in the left hand panel and click the Add icon to add them to the right hand panel.
  4. To remove contents from the right hand panel, select contents in the right hand label panel and click the Delete icon.
  5. Click Export.
  6. Enter the values for the fields shown.
  7. Click OK.
    The library is exported in the specified location. The library can now be added or imported by any user where it can be modified as required and added or re-imported as needed.