In order to run Ext API applications on Windows, it is necessary to set the ALTAIR_HOME environment variable to the HyperWorks install location. For paths with spaces, do not use quotes. For example:
ALTAIR_HOME=C:\Program Files\Altair\2021\hwdesktop\
In order to run Ext API applications on Linux, the required HyperWorks environment is setup by the ALTAIR_HOME/altair/scripts/hm_extapi link. The following syntax can be used:
hm_extapi <application> <arg1> <arg2> ... <argN>
It is often necessary to set the HM_OGL_STUB environment variable to 1. This disables OpenGL commands on machines where there is no graphics card. If necessary, this should be defined before running hm_extapi as described above. For example:
setenv HM_OGL_STUB 1
hm_extapi <application> <arg1> <arg2> ... <argN>