Functions and Operators

Overview of functions and operators.

Each function and operator includes the following information:
The keyword is the name of the mathematical function. Keywords contain no spaces and are not case sensitive. In the case of mathematical operators, the symbol for the operator is the name of the operator. A brief description is given for each mathematical function and operator.
The syntax section describes the placement of keywords, punctuation, and arguments (if any). In the case of mathematical operators, the placement of the operands relative to the operator is given. Arguments in brackets, [ ], are optional.
Operands or Arguments

Operands are expressions or variables acted on by an operator. An operand can be modified directly, used to modify another operand, or used with another operand to produce some result.

Arguments are expressions used by a function to compute a result. Arguments are always placed between parentheses. Multiple arguments are separated by commas. Quotation marks, " ", indicate text string arguments.