Defines the model attached to the analysis.


Unique model ID




<model id="model">
        <add resource="fem" />
        <call name="Globalize" nodes="fem::nodes"
         coords="fem::subcase[0]::coordinates" />


  1. model is optional, and is only necessary to resolve duplicate content, or to trigger a command when the model is created.
  2. Since resources are typeless (they can contain model content, result content, or both, and are not classified as a model or result), and multiple resources can be attached to an analysis. The model command enables specific resources to define the model to avoid passing duplicate entities. For example, a fem/op2 pair typically contains duplicate model content. Adding only the fem resource to the model avoids entity duplication.
  3. Only one model command can occur in the .xml command file.
  4. The model must contain create and/or commit events.
  5. The create event occurs once before the model is processed, and defines what resources will be attached to the model.
  6. The commit event occurs once after all entities have been added to the model, and is typically used to transform coordinates and systems.