amfIMovie CalculateTrackingData

Calculates the tracking data, using the OpenCV tracking functionality, for the markers.


movie_handle CalculateTrackingData speedup


Invokes the OpenCV tracking functionality and runs tracking calculations for all the markers specified as needing recalculation.


The speedup parameter is optional, and has the following acceptable values:
0 (Default Value)
This will result in the value set by amfIMovie::SetSpeedupTracking being used. See section 9.17 for more information on the SetSpeedupTracking API.
The video resolution will be divided by this number before calculating. A value of 1 will result in no speedup, while a value of 2 will yield the greatest speedup benefit with the safest results. A value which is too high will result in inaccurate tracking results, and higher values yield only marginally better speed.


movie_handle CalculateTrackingData 2 


Standard hwResult error codes:
  • 1 = HW_Error
  • 3 = HW_InvalidHandle
  • 4 = HW_InvalidArgs