Gets a movie handle.




HyperWorks Tcl Query


This procedure implements minus options.

This procedure returns a movie handle of HyperGraph/HyperView/MotionView.

If no page ID is requested, then it operates on the current/active page.

If no window ID is given, then it returns the client of the active window.

The GetClient function can check for a particular client type. To do this, use the option "-type". If the check fails, then an error is returned.

The option "-byHandle" is an exclusive option (no other minus options are allowed).

Mandatory Arguments


Optional Arguments

-page "pageID"
The page ID of the requested page.
-window "windowID"
The window ID of the requested window.
-id "the movie id"
Default = 1.


Returns a movie handle.


set movieHandle [::hwp::GetMovie -page 2 -window 3]