Returns all simulations for a subcase that are contained in the current model/results.




HyperWorks Tcl Query


This procedure implements minus options.

This procedure returns the list of simulations of a subcace of the model.

If no window or page is given, then the active window and the active page are used.

If no subcase is given, then the current subcase is used.

Mandatory Arguments


Optional Arguments

-page "pageID"
The page ID of where to add the model.
-subcaseid "subcase id"
The subcase ID of the requested subcase.
-subcasename "subcase name"
The subcase name of subcase that is requested.
-window "windowID"
The window ID of where to add the model.


The list of all simulations (by name).


set simulationLabelListCurrentSubcase [::hwp::getSimulationList]
set simulationLabelList [::hwp::getSimulationList -subcaseId 201 -page 2 -window 3]