Create Reports in Batch Mode

Execute and export reports in batch mode or non-interactive mode.

You can create a standardized report from a pre-defined report template in batch mode. Batch mode processing executes a series of jobs on a computer without manual intervention. In Report, the result processing jobs are set up in a way that they can run to completion without manual intervention. All input data are pre-selected through scripts, command-line parameters, or job control language.

To run a batch mode process for the Report, provide the commands in the Command Prompt dialog on Windows or Terminal on Linux. The Report batch mode program takes a set of data files as input, processes them, and produces a set of output data files. This operating environment is defined as batch processing because the input data is collected into batches of files and are processed in batches by the program.

Figure 1.
Important: Only full paths should be used in the command line when running Report in batch mode. Using relative paths may cause the batch mode to not run properly.
  1. Enter the HyperWorks executable along with its full path.
    Option Description
    Windows <Altair HyperWorks Installation Folder>\hwdesktop\hw\bin\win64\hw.exe
    Linux <Altair HyperWorks Installation Folder>\scripts\hv
  2. Enter the Report Batch Mode tcl file along with its full path.
  3. Enter the full path of the input report template report.
    <Input Report Template File Path>
  4. Enter the full path of the output report file. All other outputs generated by the solution are saved in the same directory where the final output report is generated.
    <Output Report Path>
    Note: Master file (5) and Working Directory (6) arguments are optional.
  5. Enter the file path for the Master file document.
    <Document or Presentation Master File Path>
  6. Enter the working directory folder path. All outputs created during the report execution are stored here.
    <Working Directory Folder Path>
  7. Enter the parameters of the report template in the same sequence.

    <Arguments Full File Path>

    To find the parameters of the report template file, open the report template using HW File > Open > Report Template.