The Intellisense window allows you to quickly locate commands for a given handle, as well as their parameters.

Display Modes

To display the console, select View > Tcl Console to display it at the bottom of the panel area. From the Intellisense context menu options, select Popup, Docked or Off to define how the Intellisense window is displayed. Docked mode is the default; Off disables the feature.

Figure 1. Intellisense Command Window
Popup displays the Tcl/Tk command names within the console, relative to the location of the last line of text in the window.
Once you select an API when in popup mode, the Intellisense window is dismissed.

Figure 2.
Command Line
Activating Command Line displays the Tcl/Tk command line at the bottom of the console. You can type commands, which contain Tcl handles, and a popup Intellisense window is shown above the command line. Once you select an API in popup mode, the Intellisense window is dismissed.
Docked displays the Tcl/Tk names on the right side of the console, as shown in the image below.

Select Command Names

The Intellisense window is displayed whenever a handle name (or variable that has a handle assigned), is typed into the console. For example, when you type hwi into the console, the Intellisense window lists the valid command names, as shown in the image below.

Figure 3. Handle Names

Variables are supported. When a valid handle is set to a variable, typing that variable name preceded by a dollar sign, $, invokes the Intellisense popup for that handle.

The more specific you are with the text you enter, the fewer choices are displayed, as shown in the two examples below.

In this example, the list of commands is extensive, as only the word Capture is entered.

Figure 4.
However, when the text you enter is more specific, as shown below with the text sess CaptureAc, where sess is a session handle, the list is reduced.

Figure 5.
You can select a command name from the Intellisense window in one of the following ways:
  • Click the command name with the left mouse button or use the up/down arrow keys to scroll through the list and press the Tab key to select.
  • Double-click the on the command name from the list.
  • Press F1 to display the online help for the selected API.
Note: If you press Enter before using one of these selection methods, an error message is displayed.
When a command name is selected from the list in docked mode, it is displayed on the active line in the Tk console and the Intellisense popup window still shows the command with the required arguments:

Figure 6.
You can select a command name, enter its parameters, and press Enter to evaluate it. The example below is for CaptureActiveWindow.

Figure 7.

The file test.jpg is created.

The Intellisense menu is available in the following products: HyperGraph 2D, HyperGraph 3D, HyperView, MediaView, MotionView, TableView, and TextView.