Supported File Types

MediaView supports movie and image file types.

MediaView can read the following types of files:

Movie Files

  • Altair Movie (*.amf), created using the AMF Builder. This is a modified AVI file with timing information embedded in the file.
  • Windows AVI (*.avi, *.AVI). One frame equals one second by default. Unix supports AVI's that are uncompressed or compressed with CINEPAK or MJPEG.
  • Windows Media (*.wmv).
  • MPEG video (*.mpg, *.mpeg)

Image Files

  • Windows Bitmap (*.bmp, *.dib)
  • GIF (*.gif)
  • JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg)
  • PCX (*.pcx)
  • Tagged Image File Format (*.tif, *.tiff)
  • Truevision Targa (*.tga)
Note: Time synchronization applies to movie files only.
Note: Since AVI video files come with timestamp information, MediaView uses the timestamp to assign to each frame and populate this in the MediaInfo note when reading AVI files.