Altair Simulation Introduction

Quick introduction to Altair Simulation products.

Solutions for Every Stage of Product Development
Altair Simulation offers solutions for all engineers – from model-based systems design and early geometry ideation, to detailed multiphysics simulation and optimization. Our simulation-driven approach to innovation is powered by our integrated software that optimizes design performance across multiple disciplines encompassing structures, motion, fluids, thermal management, electromagnetics, system modeling and embedded systems.
Industry Leading Optimization and Physics Workflows
Altair has been the industry leader for generative design software for over two decades. Altair Simulation optimizes structures, mechanisms, composites and additive manufactured parts. Regardless of how your product is produced, Altair Simulation products can enhance creativity by proposing designs that are as manufacturable as they are efficient and innovative.
Shared User Experience
Your designers, engineers, and CAE specialists can now work within a single intuitive and consistent user-experience. Each release of the Altair Simulation products provides more tools that deliver class-leading workflows employing this same user-interface.
Tools for Both Experts and Part-time Analysts
Altair Simulation's broad workflow implementations enable design engineers and part-time analysts to drive more of your product design with optimization. Simulation experts can draw upon the advanced features of Altair Simulation products including multiphysics simulations of interacting structural, mechanical, thermal, electromagnetic, and fluid behavior.
Access to Products
Altair Simulation provides value and flexibility through a patented, units-based licensing system. Altair Units allows metered usage of our Altair Simulation products and an expanding library of Altair Partner Alliance solutions. We have revolutionized the way you obtain software by eliminating the hurdles that prevent you from getting the tools you need.