Review Results with Viewpoints

View the motion analysis playback from the perspective of any part.


Use the Viewpoints tool in the Motion animation toolbar to lock the view to a part in the model, then view the animation playback from its perspective.

Prerequisite: Run a motion analysis.
Note: Viewpoints are saved with the Motion model.
  1. Select the Viewpoints icon in the Motion animation toolbar.
    The Viewpoints dialog appears.
  2. Select a part in the model, then click + to add it as a viewpoint.
  3. To view the results from the perspective of a defined viewpoint, select the viewpoint from the list in the Viewpoints dialog, then click . You can also click through defined Viewpoints while the animation is playing.
The modeling window will zoom to the selected viewpoint, then the animation will play from its perspective.
To Do this
Delete a viewpoint In the Viewpoints guide panel, right-click the viewpoint you would like to delete, then select Delete.