Bead Options

When running a topography optimization, bead options are used to help control the manufacturability of the part. Bead patterns can be used to control the shape of the beads.

  1. On the Structures ribbon, click Run Optimization on the Optimize icon.

  2. Select Topography optimization for the Type.
  3. Select Maximize Stiffness or Maximize Frequency as the optimization objective. The options in the Run Optimization window will change based on which objective you select.
  4. Under Bead Options change the default values as desired.

    • The draw depth of the beads is typically half of the minimum width.
    • If at any time you want to restore the default values, click the reset icons.
  5. Define additional optimization constraints and options as desired.
  6. Click Run to start the optimization.
  7. When complete, double-click the name of the run to view the results.