An exploration is a DOE or optimization simulation. Each exploration must include design variables and responses. Optimizations must also include an objective and optionally constraints.

Create Explorations

Create DOE or optimization explorations.

  1. From the Design Explorer ribbon, select the Explorations tool.

    Now that you have entered the Explorations step of the Design Explorer workflow, you can create, review, and modify explorations.

  2. On the Explorations tab, click + Add Exploration, and then select an exploration type.
    Option Description
    DOE A DOE is a series of tests in which purposeful changes are made to the variables to investigate their effect upon the output responses and to get an understanding of the global behavior of a design problem. By running a DOE, you can determine which factors are most influential on an output response.
    Optimization An optimization is a mathematical procedure used to determine the best values for given design variables with a specific objective in mind. An objective is something measured in the model through a response. A typical objective may be something like minimizing displacement, stress, or mass.
  3. By default, the exploration is named DOE_[Number] or Optimization_[Number], and it is saved in C:/Users/[username]/Documents/Altair/[version]/Inspire.
    To Do this Note
    Rename the exploration Right-click the exploration name, and then select Rename Exploration. A single exploration name and study path will be used for each Inspire session. All explorations will be stored under the same study path. When the first exploration is evaluated, a <explorationname>.stmod file will be saved to the study path.
    Change the file path
    1. Next to Design Explorer Options, click .
    2. Browse to the Study Path.
    Activate a different exploration Right-click the exploration name, and then select Make Active.