Altair® Flux® 2022.3 Documentation
User guide
The user guide gives information about principles and how to use Altair® Flux® 2022.3.
What's new?
See the release notes of the last and previous versions, with the necessary information on new features.
"How to" Documents
See a list of documents to understand how to use certain features.
The Flux supervisor allows to run projects, examples, pythons scripts; to configure user preferences; to access tools...
Flux is a finite element software for low-frequency electromagnetic and thermal simulations. Both, 2D and 3D solutions are available...
Flux Skew is a module dedicated to the analysis of rotating electric machines with skewing, allowing a straightforward geometric and physical description in 2D and the consideration of continuous or step skewing effects.
Flux PEEC is a 3D modeling module dedicated to electrical interconnections of power electronics devices. It also provides RLC extraction and generation of SPICE-like equivalent circuits.
Flux provides a unified Material Identification tool based on the Altair Compose environment allowing to run an identification of the coefficients required to create material in Flux.
AMDC is a comprehensive material database maintained by Altair and partner suppliers of engineering materials. Ready-to-use, Flux-compatible models may be obtained directly from this database for a growing number of materials.
Flux has a material manager with its own material base.The user can create his own material base and import them into the Flux models to be studied.
FeMt is a application in Flux dedicated for Electric Machine which permits to compute and postprocess results like efficiency maps.
See the lists of examples 2D, 3D, SKEW and PEEC with all available documents and all project and python files.
See the lists of 2D and 3D SimLab examples using the Flux solver, with all available documents, *.slb databases and all script files.
See a list of Memento documents to understand certain Flux features.
Flux proposes several macros enabling doing actions that are not yet implemented in Flux.
This documentation deals with the Jython script used in Flux and allows to understand the various structures of entities and functions, and use it in user scripts for example.
This document provides instructions for Flux installation on supported platforms.
This page guides you through using parametric distribution with Flux.