When Compose is not installed through a HyperWorks Desktop installation, you must use this option to tell Compose where to find the solvers and the non-solvers on your system. You do not need to use this function if you are running Compose on a HyperWorks Desktop installation.




The full path to a HyperWorks Desktop installation.
Type: string


Set the Altair Folder:

setaltairfolder('/program files/altair/2021')
ans = /program files/altair/2021/common/acc/scripts/acc.bat

Set the Altair Folder for non-solvers that are in a separate folder from solvers:

setaltairfolder('C:/Program Files/Altair/2021.2.0.23')
Warning: Did not find Altair Compute Console batch file


When a solver is called (e.g.: OptiStruct), Altair Compute Console is invoked in batch mode to trigger the run. Altair Compute Console interfaces with most Altair solvers and is used regardless of the choice of solver.

When a non-solver is called (e.g.: HyperMesh), each application is invoked individually based on its own way to be called in batch.