Controller Area Network Interface

To read and write CAN data, you must install the USB CAN Peak device drivers.

You can connect a PCAN USB-CAN device (purchased separately) to a block diagram using CAN PEAK read and CAN PEAK write blocks. These blocks let you easily log or plot data, or run a virtual plant or controller for offline tuning.

To read or write CAN data

1.    Plug in the USB-CAN device.

2.    Under Blocks > Real Time, wire CAN PEAK Read and/or CAN PEAK Write blocks into a diagram.

3.    Select System > Go, or click Go toolbar button.

You can transmit and receive data from any number of bus IDs in a single diagram. The CAN PEAK Read and CAN PEAK Write blocks let you read data from and write data to a CAN bus. Baud rate, data types and byte offset within the data packet can be quickly modified through the dialog boxes for these blocks. Embed supports bus speeds of 1MHZ, 500kHz, and 250kHz.

Embed interfaces with CAN devices that can be connected to any CAN bus. Using Embed, you can exchange data between Embed and a CAN device using the CAN PEAK Read and CAN PEAK Write blocks.