Block Category: Random Generator

Description: The erlang block generates random numbers for a standard Erlang distribution. The Erlang distribution is a continuous probability distribution with wide applicability primarily due to its relation to the exponential and Gamma distributions. The Erlang distribution was developed by A. K. Erlang to examine the number of telephone calls which might be made at the same time to the operators of the switching stations. This work on telephone traffic engineering has been expanded to consider waiting times in queueing systems in general. The distribution is now used in the field of stochastic processes. For more information, see

Alpha: Specifies the shape of the curve. You must specify an integer greater than 0. The variance is proportional to alpha. You can enter a value as a C expression

Lambda: Is referred to as the rate parameter. As you increase the value of Lambda, the variance decreases by lambda2. You can enter a value as a C expression

Label: Indicates a user-defined block label that appears when View > Block Labels is activated.