Block Category: Nonlinear

Inputs: Real, complex, or fixed-point scalars, or vectors or matrices

The sampleHold block latches an input value under the control of a clock signal, which is represented as a Boolean pulse (b). At the occurrence of the pulse, the input signal (x) is sampled and held until the next Boolean pulse is applied. Boolean pulses can be regularly or irregularly spaced.

The inputs to the sampleHold block are x1 (b) and x2 (x). The inputs to x2 can be real or complex scalars, vectors, or matrices.

Initial Condition: Indicates the initial condition for the sampleHold. The default is 0. You can also enter a value as a C expression, matrix expression, or complex number.  

Label: Indicates a user-defined block label that appears when View > Block Labels is activated.