This macro gives to the users the possibility to create an AFIR with almost all combinations of poles pairs and slots, while editing most of the geometric parameters.

Note: For more details about this macro, consult this additional document.


  • Ri: Inner radius rotor
  • Ro: Outer radius rotor
  • Ly: Rotor yoke length
  • P: Number of pairs poles
  • SPM: space between magnet
  • H: Height magnet
  • LM: Length of magnet
  • NS: Number of slots
  • HS: Height slots
  • TH : Thickness yoke stator
  • HIS : Height of end slots
  • OS: Opening slot
  • W1: Width slot
  • W2: Space between slots and radius slots
  • GAP: Airgap


  • Creation of geometrics parameters put as inputs and the optional parameters related
  • Generation of AFIR geometry considering the inputs
  • Three-phase electric circuit with adequate winding