Fixed Defects

Issues Short description of the source problem resolved in this version
Data Import/Export context FX-22033 While computing forces using the "Generalized projective method", the forces in the reconstructed part of the collection support (imported from OptiStruct) could be oriented in the wrong sense in some specific geometric configurations (e.g., the collection support superimposes on the support for magnetic pressure integration). The issue is now fixed and the forces are correctly oriented.
Macros FX-21393 The macros ComputeCapacitanceMatrix3D and ComputeCapacitanceMatrix3D gave an output Excel file with corrupted result. The TXT resut was correct. These macros has been updated to obtain an Excel output file with correct results.
Physics FX-21922 A bug in the Flux 2D application "Steady State AC Electric coupled with Transient Thermal" which disabled the Joule losses computation during solving has been fixed. Because of this issue, the thermal map remained stable over the time, which is no longer the case with this fix.
Physics FX-21236 Improvement on the generation of FMU components. In few cases the input and the output were not well sorted which led to wrong results in third-party software such as Activate.

Please note that this fix also solves FX-21204.

Physics FX-16241 A bug appeared in Flux 2020 version with the isotropic hysteretic Preisach model: depending on the solver options, some intermediate data were reset during the Flux solving process, thus leading to inaccurate results for some time steps. This issue is now fixed and the solving process with Preisach models works correctly whatever the options are. As a reminder, Preisach model remains available in beta user mode only (Flux supervisor options to set to access it).
Physics FX-15670 In case the user described a material with B(H) Preisach model using parameters and included them in a parametric scenario, Flux did not correctly handle the parameter variations, i.e., it got stuck on the reference values for the parameters.

The issue is now fixed: all characteristics of the Preisach model (saturation magnetization, remanent flux density, coercive field strength and squareness factor) can be parameterized with I/O parameters and correctly managed during solving and post-processing.

As a reminder, Preisach model remains available in beta user mode only (Flux supervisor options to set to access it).

Physics FX-21908 Correction of a bug occurring since release 2021 discovered with an actuator .FLU project with a coil conductor region, a mobile part and a compressible mechanical set. The mesh was imported from another software through a Nastran .bdf file (geometry built using a split angle). When solving in multi-steps (linear motion) there was a bug which stopped the solving process. A warning message was displayed in this case:

Region COIL

The total current in the terminal input section (faces) is not equal to the total current in the terminal output section:

- either the input and output sections are different

- or the current direction is not correct

Impossible to valuate regions and material

Now, in the case of an imported mesh, when the Method for the computation of J in coil conductor regions in 3D (available from the Solving menu, with the following choices: Solving process options > Edit > Advanced tab) is Automatically specified method which is the default selection, the Method with electric conduction resolution + uniform J norm is actually used during the solving process and when post-processing.

The results obtained by version 2021.2.1 and previous versions have a slight difference, because of the change of the used method to compute the current density J in the coil conductor regions in the case of an imported mesh. Difference of 3 % to 4 % have been observed on global quantities.

Physics FX-21725 Improvement on the generation and the export of FMU blocks from Flux in order that third-party software like Activate can better interpolate the output values as a function of the input values, when using these FMUs generated by Flux.
Postprocessing FX-21800 Correction of a bug occurring since release 2021.1 when trying to change the computation step of the solved scenario while post-processing. In this case, the following message was displayed:

OCRDIR => Retrieval of direct relation aborted




The bug occurred with a .FLU project which had a coil conductor region and which had been solved:

- either in release 2021 or below,

- or with the solving option: "Analytical method or by interpolation from lines" in release 2021.1 or 2021.2.

Solving FX-21773 When trying to optimize the force through a path, an error message could arise on axisymetric projects when running Shape Optimization. This bug has been fixed.
Solving FX-21359 On some labels related to Shape Optimization, typos and translations errors had been corrected.