Presentation and typical example


This Skew slots module permits:

  • the modeling of machines having a rotor or stator with Skew slots
  • starting from a 2D description of this machine
Warning: The machine compulsorily has the same depth of rotor and stator.


The interest of the module consists in the facility of carrying out a quasi-3D study or 2½D (acc. to the next paragraph) on the basis of a 2D description.

In practice:

  • the geometrical description and the meshing in the 2D plan are carried out by the user
  • the geometrical construction and the 3D meshing of the machine are automatically carried out by the software on the basis of the specific data (machine depth, slots skew, …) provided by the user

Couplings and magnetic applications

The usable applications are the standard magnetic ones of Flux: Magneto Static, Transient Magnetic or Steady state AC Magnetic; used with a kinematic coupling (compulsory) and possibly with the circuit coupling (optional).

Example type

A full example of a machine treated with this module is described in Induction Motor with Skewed Rotor technical paper.