Compare Results

Compare the results of multiple analysis runs in a table. The Compare Results button is located at the bottom of the Analysis Explorer.

For analysis, you can compare results across all runs and load cases for the selected result type. You can also compare result types at a point of interest where you have placed a callout.

View the analysis results in the Analysis Explorer.
  1. Select the Show Analysis Results tool on the Analyze icon, if not already active.
  2. Click the Compare Results button located at the bottom of the Analysis Explorer.

    The table for comparing results appears at the bottom of the modeling window.

  3. Select the row to display the results for that run and load case.
    • Double-click a cell in the table to show that result in the modeling window.
    • Click the chevron next to the table title to select a different result type or a callout.
    • Click the chevron on a column header to filter results.
    • Click a column header to sort the column.
    • Right-click a column header to change what result types, run parameters, or callouts are shown in the table.
    • Click the top left corner of the table to copy the contents of all cells. This can then be pasted into Excel.

Additional columns can be added to show additional result types and parameters from the Run Analysis window. The red-blue color bands correspond to the legend in the Analysis Explorer; the width of the band indicates the magnitude of the result. Changes to the upper and lower bound in the Analysis Explorer are automatically reflected in the Compare Analysis Results table.