Getting Started with ParaView

ParaView UI

Figure 1.
  1. ParaView UI shown in Figure 1.
    1. Menu Bar
    2. Toolbars
    3. nanoFluidX Toolbar
    4. Pipeline Browser
    5. Properties Panel
    6. Advanced Toggle
    7. Application Window
    8. Multiple Views
    9. Status bar

Recommended Settings and Customisation for SimLab

Access the ParaView settings via Edit > Settings. Enabling the following settings is recommended for the best experience with nanoFluidX:
  • In the General tab, click and scroll to the Multicore Support section. Enable the Enable Auto MPI checkbox and enter a value for Auto MPILimit based on the number of cores in your machine.
  • In the Animcation section, enable the Cache Geometry For Animation checkbox to speedup results animation.
  • In the Camera tab, set your preferred mouse rotation controls for 2D and 3D modes.

Figure 2.