Seatbelt Browser Entities and Attributes

Create a complete seatbelt system, with meshed fabric components and solver-related seatbelt features.


The seatbeltsystem ( ) is the root of the hierarchy in the Seatbelt Browser. It consists of the following entities:
Seatbelt Segments ( )
Define a portion of the seatbelt system, with a belt path made of a list of control points and a mesh realization type. This entity also contains information about the components on which the belt elements are collected. The seatbelt segment provides options from its context menu to interactively modify the belt path or create solver cross-sections on the belt segment.
Control Points ( )
Define the selected node locations that define the seatbelt segment path. The first and last control points provide the ability to create solver entities like slipring, pre-tensioner, retractors, or rigid attachments to the structure.

Each entity has its own show/hide/review mode, as well as cross-referencing, accessible from the context menu.

Entity Attributes

The following attributes can be set or changed in the Entity Editor:
Wrap Around
A selection of components around which the seatbelt will be wrapped. This information is required to proceed to seatbelt segment meshing.
Create Contact
HyperMesh automatically creates the solver contact between the generated seatbelt and the selected wrap around components. The default is OFF.
Link Dummy Mechanism
Activate the automatic update of the seatbelt upon dummy or seat mechanism motion. The default is OFF.
Unit System
Select between the two main unit systems (kg, mm, ms) and (Mg, mm, s), which will adapt the default values assigned to the solver cards. Solver cards generated by the seatbelt tool are unit dependent.
Belt Width
Defines the width of the generated seatbelt. Any value change after belt mesh generation will automatically update the belt width and mesh.
Defines the offset of the generated belt mesh to the wrap around components.
Belt Thickness
Defines the thickness assigned to the solver 2D elements property.
2D Element Size
Defines the 2D mesh size to be used for the generation of the 2D mesh.
Point Prefix
Defines the prefix used for naming the Control Points that will be defined in the seatbelt system.
Place SHELL Elements In
Select a component in which shell elements will be collected. If the selection is Unspecified, the tool automatically creates a new component with the default material and property cards.