Feko Interface

The Feko interface provides a pre-processing environment for preparing and editing Feko mesh element and material data.

In HyperMesh you can import and export Feko mesh element and material data. To import, create, modify or export Feko mesh and material data you have to load the Feko user profile in HyperMesh.

Import and Export Guidelines

Guidelines for importing and exporting mesh and material data in the Feko interface.

  • The Feko interface can import Feko mesh elements and material settings and assignments from Feko-generated *.fhm and *.inc files.
    Note: When mesh data is exported from Feko into the *.fhm file format, an *.inc file with the same file name and containing the material data is created automatically.
    During import of such an *.fhm file, HyperMesh automatically imports the *.inc file with the same file name if it is found in the same directory.
  • The Feko interface can export Feko mesh elements and materials settings and assignments into *.fhm and *.inc files that can be imported into a CADFEKO model (using the mesh import menu) or an EDITFEKO *.pre file (using the IN card). The Feko components would automatically import the materials data from the *.inc file if it is found in the same directory as the provided *.fhm file.
  • The Feko interface supports Feko wires segments, triangles and tetrahedra. Straight and curvilinear wire segments in Feko are represented as Bar2 and Bar3 elements respectively in HyperMesh. Flat and curvilinear triangles in Feko are represented as Tria3 and Tria6 elements respectively in HyperMesh. Feko tetrahedra are represented as Tetra4 elements in HyperMesh.
  • Each individual mesh label (Wire segments, Face, or Region) is represented as a unique Component in HyperMesh. HyperMesh Properties are used to assign Materials to these Components.
  • Supported Feko media include (anisotropic) dielectric media (with optional magnetic properties) and metallic media. Feko’s default Free space, Perfect electric conductor, and Perfect magnetic conductor media are also supported.