Connector Morphing

Connectors defined on nodes, points, and lines can be morphed using the morph volumes approach.

To take full advantage of connector morphing, you should morph the connectors as unrealized so that subsequent realization after morphing considers the new shape of the morphed connector geometry.
Figure 1.

Registering Connectors to Morph Volumes

When you create a new morph volume, all enclosed connectors (displayed and undisplayed) are automatically registered to it by default. This behavior can be modified in the morph volumes parameters panel by setting one of the following options:
  • Register all inner connectors
  • Register displayed inner connectors
  • Don't register connectors

For existing morph volumes, you can manually register or unregister connectors from their enclosing morph volumes via the update mvols panel with the register connectors option. After you press the update button, all selected connectors are registered and all unselected connectors are unregistered from their respective enclosing morph volumes.