MotionView Overview

MotionView is a general pre-processor for Multi-body Dynamics.

MotionView is unique in that one can utilize the MotionView modeling language to build models that will simulate both with Altair’s Solvers as well as with third party solvers.

MotionView’s native modeling language is called MDL (Model Definition Language).
  • MDL has several unique characteristics; such as the ability to set any data as an algebraic parametric expression of any one (or more) other model data. In addition, models or assemblies in MDL can have unlimited hierarchy, and can pass topology (or data) from the parent systems to the child systems for use locally. MDL follows an object oriented approach so that definitions can be reused as many times as needed in order to construct a model.
  • MotionView MDL models can exported to a variety of solvers including: Altair MotionSolve, MSC ADAMS, Dassault Abaqus, as well as others. Users can create their own solver writers or data readers using TCL, the command language used throughout MotionView. TCL can be used to drive the entire software in batch operation, or can be used to create a customized GUI (Graphical User Interface).

The topics following this overview will provide much more detail on these and other aspects of MotionView.