Access the Model Files

Learn how to access and download required model files.

Altair recommends that you create an Altair One account and use it as your primary portal to access product documentation, a Knowledge Base, and customer support.
You can find required model files on Altair One via the Altair Community and Altair Marketplace sites.
  1. Go to either of the following Altair One sites to download model files (tutorials, demos, and examples):
    • Altair Community: Click the Documentation link, choose filter options, and select Model as the Output Type.
    • Altair Marketplace: Search for and select the product you want, click the Download tab, and in the Select Type list, select the applicable model file option.
    Tip: You must unzip the model files before proceeding with the tutorials. When extracting zipped files, preserve any directory structure included in the file package.
  2. If required, enter your username and password.
    Note: If logging in for the first time, click Need help signing in? to create an account, and follow the instructions on the Altair One site.