GuideBarMenu (hwx.gui)

Clickable Menu that can be added to a GuideBar.


Public Methods

button (self, **kwds)
checkBox (self, checked=False, **kwds)
widget (self, widget, stretch=0)

Property Details


The button in the guide bar associated with this menu.


Determines whether the menu will close automatically if a menu item or item outside the menu is clicked or if a second menu is displayed.


Determines whether to automatically show the menu when its anchor button is clicked.


The name of icon file or predefined icon to assigned to the anchor button.


The text to display on the anchor button.

Method Details

button(self, **kwds)

Adds a button to the Guide bar menu layout.

param kwds:Any other properties needed to be set for the Button.
type kwds:dict
returns:The added button.
checkBox(self, checked=False, **kwds)

Adds a checkbox to the Guide bar menu layout.

param checked:Determines whether the button is checked or not.
type checked:bool
param kwds:Any other properties needed to be set for the check box.
type kwds:dict
returns:The check box.
widget(self, widget, stretch=0)

Adds a widget to self.

param widget:The widget to add to the layout. It is expected to be a child of the wrapped widget.
type widget:Widget
param stretch:The stretch value of the widget that will be added.
type stretch:int, optional
returns:The added widget.