RibbonPage (hwx.gui)

Ribbon tab.

It is the Toolbar replacement and a Container of SpriteActionGroups and RibbonPageGroups.


Public Methods

classmethod get (cls, name)
add (self, item, after=None)
addFrame (self, text=’’, name=’’)
remove (self, item)

Property Details


The visibility of the RibbonPage.

Setting it to False will visually remove it from the Ribbon.

Method Details

classmethod get(cls, name)

Gets the RibbonPage from the name.

param name:RibbonPage name.
type name:str
returns:The RibbonPage with the specified name.
add(self, item, after=None)

Adds the specified item to the RibbonPage.

param item:The item to be added.
type item:Union[RibbonPageGroup, str]
param after:The item to insert after.
type after:Union[RibbonPageGroup, str]
addFrame(self, text='', name='')

Adds and returns a frame to this RibbonPage

The frame can be used to add any Widgets.

param text:The name/displayName of the ribbon page.
type text:str
param name:The name of the Frame widget.
type name:str
returns:The frame object added to the Ribbon page.
remove(self, item)

Removes the specified item from the RibbonPage.

param item:The item to remove.
type item:Union[Action, str]