Public Methods

shrinkWrap(parts=None, voxelSize=-1, merge=True, sharpen=False)

Creates a new part/parts from the selected parts with a single isosurface

The shrinkwrap is useful when you want to merge optimized results with non-design-space regions. You would do this so you can fit a single PolyNURBS over the entire model. By default, the selected parts are merged into a single part. This option can be disabled by setting merge to False.

param parts:part or list of parts to be shrink wrapped.
type parts:Part, list[Part]
param voxelSize:
 Size of each voxel of the shrink wrapped part. Size value should be in the range 0 to 1 Defaults to -1 to auto compute the voxel dimension of the part.
type voxelSize:double
param merge:Merge the shrink wrapped parts into single or multiple parts. Defaults to True.
type merge:bool
param sharpen:If set to True, then sharpen the edges of the new shrink wrapped part. Defaults to False
type sharpen:bool
returns:Returns a new shrink wrapped part
makeSmooth(parts=None, maintainVolume=True, intensity=0.5, iterations=40)

Smoothens parts from the selected parts with passed params :param parts: part or list of parts to smooth :type parts: Part, list[Part] :param maintainVolume: If True part volume is targeted to be preserved.

If false smoothening is done more aggressively every iteration Defaults to True
type maintainVolume:
param intensity:
 this control how aggressive the smoothening operation is every iteration. Defaults to 0.5.
type intensity:float[0.2, 0.9]
param iterations:
 number of iterations algorithm does smoothening. Higher number results in smoother mesh
type iterations:
 unsigned int

Removes any existing smoothening from passed parts

param parts:part or list of parts to removing smooothing from
type parts:Part, list[Part]

Returns: None


Finds small disconnected regions of a mesh part and delete them.

param part:Part having island.
type part:Part

Convert Parts to triangle mesh.

param parts:Parts to be converted in triangle mesh.
type parts:List[Part]