Altair® Panopticon


Viewing Active Filters

Information on active filters applied on the dashboard and its parts can be viewed.

These filters can be done through:

q  Filter controls

q  Global filter

q  Visualization filter


1.     Click the Show Active Filters  icon on the toolbar.

All of the predicates of the active filters are displayed. For this sample, there are four active filters.


2.     Hover on any predicate to display its details.

Predicate 1:


Predicate 2:


Predicate 3:

Predicate 4:




Full Predicate

Predicate details.

Applies To

Parts in the dashboard where the predicate is applied.

Generated By


Source of the predicate which include the filter column data type in the filter control or global filter.


3.     To clear any predicate in the list, click .