Altair® Panopticon


View Cache Usage

View the caches currently in use on the server.


Including the following information:

q  Cache Rendering Type

q  Workbook Name

q  Data Table Name

q  Cache Usage Count

q  Date Created

q  Date Last Used

q  Cache Usage Hits

q  The Time to Live

q  Row Count of the cached dataset


You can also opt to do the following:

q  Clear Cache and refresh page

q  Display Server-rendered Cache

q  Display Client-rendered Cache

q  Refresh the Cache Usage list

q  Move to other pages

q  Delete a Cache Usage instance in the list

Click the Refresh  button to refresh the list.


Clicking Clear Cache  will clear all caches of data, ensuring that any subsequent workbook access that utilizes a cache, will cause a cache reload.


Checking the Server Rendered Cache box displays the list of server-rendered caches.


Checking the Client Rendered Cache box displays the list of client-rendered caches.

Click the Delete Cache Usage  icon of a cache usage in the list.