Altair® Panopticon


[1] Introduction


Altair Panopticon Real Time supports the following data connectors:

q  General Connectivity: MS Excel, Text, XML, JSON, Restful Web services, JDBC Databases

q  Big Data: Cassandra, Elasticsearch 6.x, Elasticsearch 7.x, KsqlDB, Livy Spark, MongoDB, Splunk

q  Event Processing: Kx kdb+Tick, OneMarketData OneTick CEP, Tibco Streambase, Tibco LiveView,Panopticon Streams

q  Messaging Streaming: Apache/Confluent Kafka, JMS (e.g., ActiveMQ), Solace, RabbitMQ, WebSocket, JMX, Google Cloud Pub/Sub, MQTT

q  Tick Data: OneMarketData OneTick, OneTick Cloud, Kx kdb+, InfluxDB

q  Custom code data connections, transforms, and ML model scoring: Python, R, and REST service calls


In addition, Panopticon Real Time includes a Panopticon bundle file of example workbooks (Examples.exz). To use the example workbooks, the bundle file must be imported into the server after the server installation.



·        Beginning with version 17.1, MS Access, Valo, Apache Qpid, Valo Streaming, Ultra Messaging Streams, and OData connectors are deprecated.

·        Beginning with version 16.2, DataDirect based connectors, along with Vertica, are deprecated. The Database connector or JDBC Database connector should be used.

·        Existing workbooks will continue to operate, but connectivity will need to be migrated for subsequent releases.




Version 2022.0/03.2022