Altair® Panopticon


[17] REST Interface


As part of the deprecation of Desktop Designer and related legacy visualization- and data pipelines, we have unfortunately had to retire a set of previously documented REST service endpoints. The endpoints below will no longer be available in the product:

·         GET media/image/dashboard

·         GET media/image/dashboard/part

All Panopticon APIs should be considered proprietary, internal and subject to change. Going forward, all REST endpoints will be classified into private and publicly supported APIs. Please let us know if your implementation relies on REST API, to ensure that the functionality is made available in future public API.


Panopticon Real Time provides a REST API that allows you to interact with the server through requests that can be scripted and automated. For example, the REST API supports downloading data, uploading workbooks, getting server usage statistics and much more. The API follows the OpenAPI Specification from, an API description format. Thereby, a web interface for the REST API including documentation is available, to facilitate exploration and testing of the REST API. To enable the web interface for testing, and the documentation in it, you first have to set documentation.enabled=true in



If you have not set documentation.enabled=true, there is no web interface for testing available, but the REST API is responding in any case.



Updating the property file requires Panopticon Real Time application to be restarted, which is either just the application or the entire Tomcat server. Once Panopticon Real Time has been restarted, the REST API can be accessed from the browser. Use the following address to view and interact with the documentation: http://[host]:[port]/[serverappname]/server/swagger-ui.html

The OpenAPI specification can be accessed on the following address: http://[host]:[port]/[serverappname]/server/swagger-ui.html

Example: http://localhost:8080/panopticon/server/swagger-ui.html