Altair® Panopticon


Web Portal Integration

Panopticon workbooks can be embedded into existing portals with minimal effort. An iframe folder example in webapps\panopticon\api  is included in the release, which details how to include the HTML client inside an iframe.

This folder includes the following files:

q  CSS for styling and animations

q  JavaScript for logic and control

q  Help page with the post message example and the list of actions that HTML5 Client supports

·         getWorkbooks

·         getDashboards

·         getSelectedWorkbook

·         getSelectedDashboardParameters

·         getBookmarks

·         addDashboardChangedListener

·         addParametersChangedListener

·         setWorkbook

·         setDashboard

·         setBookmark

·         setParemeters


The custom page simply needs to implement the embedded Web client as the source of the iframe tag. For example:

<div class=”right-column”>

   <iframe id=”datawatch” src=”[url_to_web_client]” name=”datawatch”></iframe>


You can then access the JavaScript API through the iframe ID reference, where you can for instance, navigate to another dashboard or workbook.