Altair® Panopticon


Creating a New Text Color Palette

The configuration pane for the Color variable changes depending on the column data type.

In the Web Authoring, when a text column is added to the Color variable, the configuration pane displays the color associated with each categorical item, as specified with a default color palette (e.g., Twenty Eight Colors).


1.     On the Text section, click the New  icon.

The Next Text Palette dialog displays.

2.     Enter the Title then click .

3.     Select the Number of Colors in the drop-down list. Default is 28 colors.

The Other list is updated accordingly.

4.     To set the colors:

·         click the corresponding Color box to display the Color dialog to:

¨        select the color, or

¨        click  to enter the values

for RGB

for HSL

for the Hex color code

·         or enter the Hex color code

5.     Click .

The new text color palette is added in the list (e.g., Sixteen Colors). Note that it can be deleted.